Build A Robot

Learn how to make robots. You have all the stuff that you need. Just put your mind to..


Demolition Dude

This dude is mad. He destroy all buildings in this game. You can do anything with him,..


Huje Tower

With these little animals you must build a tower to reach the ball. Connect all the creature!


Build A Hotel

Do you want your own hotel? You can build one for you, step by step right now!


Mining Truck
mining truck 2

Explore interesting mining with your tractor. Take care of cargo that you need to deliver


Building Blaster 2
building blaster 2

Put explosives in key points of the building. Demolish all to move on to the next level.


Rollecoaster Creator
rollecoaster creator

Exciting amusement park. Have everything you need to create an amazing rollecoaster.


Missing Mechanism
missing mechanism

Replace the missing parts of these mechanisms. Put your mind in motion and find clues.


Happy Builder
happy builder

Are you ready to build things? It's time to sit things by the book to be a good builder.

Building Demolisher
building demolisher

A time for demolition. Help the worker to do its job. It is very funny and enjoyable.


House Construction
dream house construction

Arrange carefully house of the two cats. Make it look nice to live in it. Press Start to play!

Bridge Craft
bridge craft

Building bridges is difficult. Let's see how do you handle in this game of bridge construction.


Build The Bridge
build the bridge

You have to create bridges. The train must take its course without being deviated

Build Your Empire
build your empire

Your goal is to increase your empire. Build buildings and move to another level.


Build Your Farm
build your farm

If you have a farm of yours what would you do? Find the answer in this game.

Cargo Bridge
cargo bridge

Cargo is heavy and tiring. Make them work easier and create strong bridges.


Crazy Craft
crazy craft

Try your creativity to build interesting things. From cars to buildings, let your imagination

Cuber Online

Create suspended bridges to support a ball. You have a few necessary items.



Title explains the idea of this game. All you have to do is to demolish things.

Demolition City 2
demolition city 2

The city is in your hands. Need to demolish the buildings that you are given accurately.










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